Blogging: Your Brand’s Secret Weapon

Blogging is the official power source for your brand – period. Many people, organizations, and companies blog for myriad reasons. The fact of the matter is: blogging attracts. It’s an ongoing conversation that you get to own and helps you connect authentically with your online (and offline) community.  Here are three reasons why your brand should be blogging. If you’re already doing it,

Reason #1: Major foot traffic

Creating relevant content for your new customers, as well as, veterans will keep them coming back for more.

Your website may be on other social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Make your blog your main platform. Be sure to have links for your blog on every major outlet so that customers can always have easy access. Besides – it’s not just a marketing tactic; it’s good kharma. Share what you’ve learned. Not only will you be seen as someone with smarts, but you’ll get the good coming back to you, too.

Reason #2: Audience development = Customer Development

Connection is key. Everyone loves kitten photos, and we’ve all fallen for a clickbait headline a time or two. However, authentic, expert information provides another source to not only strengthen but deepen the connection between you and your customer. It helps you move beyond the point of vendor/service provider/consultant/commodity product to trusted partner. Direct blog integration with your website allows clients to get to know your business and your approach without restraint.

Reason #3: Position your brand

Posting topics which resonate with your “tribe” shows not only your company’s ability to show off your business, service, and products, but your thoughtfulness for your customer’s problems and your expertise in the area. Well written and timely articles, lists, and best practices demonstrate your company as an industry leader that holds its own.

The Bottom Line: Not only are you making a reputable name for your company, but blogging helps you build trust with your customers and brand equity with your future customers. The more knowledgeable you appear with your audience, the more they will be to trust you to supply what they need.

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